Monday, November 8, 2010

Going Back To The Gym (aka: The enemy is training and gaining)

     This started off as a conversation that I was having with a new friend of mine, here at university.  We were talking about getting older and being out of shape.  We talked about gyms and time and things of that nature.  Then the conversation turned to adventure racing, a little bit.  As the beers were going down we decided to stop being like many of our contemporaries, lamenting weight gain in our thirties and actually doing something about it.  I mean, I am not trying to recapture my 20's, but on the other side I should not just let myself look like $h!t, right? So, she and I made a pact to exercise. 

     But, thinking of all the other times people make these pacts and don't follow through, I put a twist on it.  I challenged her to do an adventure race with me.  We are doing a sprint.  What is that, you may ask?  Many times it is a 5K course littered with "challenges" (read: obstacles).  Some are longer, but you get the idea.  So, we are going to do one that was done here this past year called Warrior Dash.  It sounded like fun and it is six months away.  You have to pay to do it, so there is actually "skin in the game".  I have never done one, but I figure, "What the heck?" and why not?  If I train for this, the only thing I have to lose is weight.  And I gain a little bit of what I have allowed laziness to take from me.  And if I can lose some of this man moobage, that would be a plus.  Trust me, I won't look like this or this, but maybe I can be this guy.

     Today is day one.  And I will start with Couch to 5K.

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