Monday, November 8, 2010

How the #$%^ am I going to train for this?

     So, part of me getting off my @$$ is a feeling I have.  I feel that as we are more urbanized, we as people, and myself as a man, are getting soft.  Sometimes we have to do something to test our mettle, even a little bit.  It's cool to go to the gym, however, how often do we test ourselves against something real? I was thinking that if you have a job that demands physicality (hunters, farmers/cowboys, armed forces, protective forces, etc) this doesn't' apply to you.  How often do you push yourself out of your comfort zone.  So, I have decided that I want to I am going to do this: Warrior Dash.

   And if I do O.K., I may do another one, just for laughs.  I have already recruited some of my friends to do it.  It runs on 16 April and 17 April of next year in North Texas.  If nothing else, I will be in better shape than I am now.  But, I have one small obstacle to get around . . . .

     How the heck do I start training for this?

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